Submission Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically via the Manuscript Manager website (please note that both PDF and Word files are acceptable). The submission process will associate a submission number to every manuscript submitted to 'Finance'.

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  2. Submitted manuscripts must be written in English. An abstract written in French will be asked for publication.

  3. Submitted mansucripts must be original work, neither under submission at another journal, nor under consideration for publication in any other form (monograph, chapter).

  4. The first page of the submitted manuscript must contain only text. Informations of the title page (title, abstract, etc.) will be considered separately during the submission process.The file must be completely anonymous.

  5. Submitted manuscripts must adhere to few style requirements. The 'Introduction' section has neither title, nor number, meaning that the section numbered "1." appears next. Footnotes, numbered with Arabic numerals, must be kept to a minimum, with no extensive content (nor formula, nor table, nor figure). Equations should be displayed on a separate line and centered. Important displayed equations must be identified by consecutive Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right.

  6. As much as possible: the introduction should be understood by non-specialist readers, the conclusion sums up key results and main findings of the text in non technical terms and titles of sections and subsections (if any) must be short.

  7. In order to avoid unnecessary production delays, the final version of the accepted paper must adhere to the above style requirements and they must be provided as a Word file or a Tex file (so as to be sent to the publisher straightforwardly).

  8. In accordance with its desk-rejection policy, submitted manuscripts may be desk-rejected by the co-editors-in-chief without being sent to referees. This is typically the case for submitted manuscripts that are inconsistent with the aims and scope of 'Finance' (please consult the Journal website ) or that have a too low probability to be accepted for publication. In case submitted manuscripts are inconsistent with the aims and scope of 'Finance', the review offers to the corresponding author (who paid the submission fee) a free one-year long option to submit a new paper (more in line with our scope).

     Code of conduct for "revue Finance"     Charte éthique de la revue Finance

  1. Please, note that submitted manuscripts will only be considered after payment of the submission fee. The submission fee amounts to EUR 100.

  2. We recommend you to pay the submission fee through our HelloAsso credit card payment module. Please make sure to use the same email address when completing all the web forms.

    Pay the submission fee by credit card

  3. As an alternative, you can pay by bank transfer or by check through AFFI's website. When paying the submission fee, you will be asked to (1) log in, (2) create a new account, or (3) reset your password, as you can see on the screenshot in french:

    If you try to create a new account with an email address that is already registered in the database, you won't succeed. We recommend you to reset your password and to log in. Please contact us if needed.

     Alternative submission fee payment